Woofer - The Essence of Babolat
Patented innovation by Babolat. Woofer is the first dynamic system which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball.
Woofer is iconic to Babolat, but as of 2001, premium Babolat racquets no longer use Woofer Technology.

A tennis racquet is a frame with strings

The frame is basically static and holds the driving force of the racquet - the strings - in place.  Today the way the strings are attached to the frame limits the performance of this driving force. The strings are attached to both sides of the frame.  Only some strings are active when struck by the ball.  This means that racquets do not deliver their full potential.  Babolat set out to imagine a racquet optimizing the frame and the strings - to invent a frame which permits all the strings to work together to their full potential when striking the ball.

Pulley Function
  • The Woofer eliminates string lock-up : the strings are free to move
  • The whole surface area reacts on impact with the Woofer, more strings work together when striking the ball.
  • This gives you a greater sweet spot and better control.
Piston Function
  • Increase the trampoline effect.  This gives you more power and increases string life.
  • Shock absorption: the pistons act like a suspension system to damp vibrations and make the racquet more comfortable to play with
Active Cortex - Vibration Dampening
Interface Between the Handle and the Frame

These two parts of the racquet are actively linked by the Cortex Damping system which filters and dampens the unwanted vibrations that don't interfere with feel.  This results in the feel of a clean hit.

Cortex was used in Babolat racquets for 20 years, but as of 2020 premium Babolat racquets use SMAC and Flax, Inserts instead of Cortex, for dampening.
GT Technology
This is a braid of special fibers with the normal graphite to make a stronger material.  The stronger material permits designers to make a racquet with more control, feel, and a bigger sweet spot.
Aero Modular
The Babolat Aero series of racquets use Aero Modular construction. The sides of the racquet are more aerodynamic so it moves through the air faster.  Your swing is faster with an Aero Modular racquet. Faster swings give more power and more spin. Raphael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz use Aero racquets.
Pure Strike Technologies
New PEBAX® material in grommets give extra smoothness and more power.
Different thickness of the beam for less torque at ball impact and better responsiveness.
New frame cross section shape increases the sweet spot by 10% to bring forgiveness on off-center hits.
Stabilizer technology is a hybrid frame construction using a stiff carbon fiber in the yoke area for improved torsional stability at ball impact to make precise shots.
FSI (Frame-String Interaction) Technology
FSI Technology provides more feel and control.
  • New Woofer system brings more feel with each strike of the ball
  • Tighter string pattern in sweet spot area
  • Higher sweet spot positioned where you hit the ball

Enhanced for 2018 with FSI Power - diamond shaped grommet holes to permit more, but better controlled, string movement.

SMAC Vibration Dampening / SWX Pure Feel
SMAC is a special "Visco Elastic" material integrated into the carbon fiber structure of the racquet to greatly reduce vibration and shock.

For more information see the SMAC Company's web site.

SWX Pure Feel, is the next generation SMAC used in the Pure Strike and 2021 Pure Drive

C-Ply Material
The Chomarat company in France and Tunisia makes a special tightly woven range of materials called C-Ply.  Babolat commissioned a special version of C-Ply for a very dense and stiff bridge in the 2019 Pure Aeros.

For more information see the Comorat web site
HTR (High Torsional Rigidity) Technology
HTR technology is a combination of proprietary weave, shape, and construction techniques used in the frame of the 2021 Pure Drive.  This gives excellent frame rigidity which results in a very solid feel and excellent control
NF2 Tech (Flax Inserts)
Flax is a strong natural fiber.  The fiber inserts do an excellent job of vibration dampening with a soft feel.  This give the racquet a great feel with flexible, spin oriented play.

Compare to SMAC which does a better job of vibration dampening, but which does not alter the racquet feel or flex.