Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet
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The Babolat Pure Aero Team is an improved update to the AeroPro Team. It is a lighter, more powerful version of the racquet used by Raphael Nadal.  The Team has comfortable power, great spin, and amazing control for the solid playing intermediate player.
The Pure Aero Team has a more aerodynamic frame and slightly different weighting which gives great stability, comfort, and good ball follow through. Combined with the FSI Spin Technology the new Team is a high control, powerful, spin machine.

The Cortex System filters out those vibrations that interfere with feel, thus enhancing the feel for the ball.  See Babolat Technology.  The Woofer Grommet system adsorbs the shock when hitting the ball.

Combined, all these technologies make for a great playing racquet.

The Team is slightly heavier than the Lite, which is the most powerful Pure Aero.  The Team is more head light for greater maueuverability and control but slightly less power.  Since the Team is the same underlying frame as the Pure Aero, it is great for the advanced player who wants a lighter racquet to custom weight his own frame.
Head Size: 100 sq inch
Weight: 10.6 oz strung
Balance: 4 points Head Light
Pattern: 16x19
Length: 27 inches
Swing Weight: 304
Flex: 68
Beam: 23/26/23 mm
Cover: Yes


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Babolat Pure Aero Team
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