All Babolat Tennis Rackets
  • Are listed at the manufacturers minimum allowable advertised price
  • Are sold strung, with top quality string appropriate to the racquet, at no additional charge.  Up to $35 value.
  • Shipped anywhere in the US (FedEx Ground) - a $10 value.
Racquet head
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Bryan Brothers
Best Doubles
Team Ever
Was World #1
Samuel Groth
263 kph
PGA Serve
Fabio Fognini
Italian Phenom
World top 30

Pure Drive
(Regular, Plus)
100 11.2 4 hl $249 The 2021 version of Babolat's highly  popular racquet.  New SWC Pure Feel Technology incorporates a vibration damping material directly into the carbon fiber for great comfort.  HTR Technology gives more power and control.  Whille FSI Technology moves the string pattern towards the tip and gives a closed sting pattern in the area you hit with.  This gives more feel and terrific control.
  • Pure Drive - Solid playing, controllable, maneuverable for the 3.5 to 5.0 level player.  In regular or extended (plus) length..

  • Pure Drive Team - An intermediate weight racquet for the player who wants a little extra power.

  • Pure Drive Lite - A lighter and more powerful version of the Pure Drive.  It has the same frame but is noticeably lighter (10.3) and is balanced slightly more head heavy.  A solid feeling Pure Drive with more pop.

  • Pure Drive 107 - Oversize version.  Bigger sweet spot.  Same power as the Lite.  Well controlled, comfortable, extra head size barely noticeable.

  • Pure Drive 110 - Biggest Pure Drive.  Comfort, Power, Control.  For players with more compact strokes

Pure Drive
100 10.6 5 hl $229

Pure Drive
100 10.0 1 hl $219

Pure Drive
107 10.6 5 hl $229

Pure Drive
110 9.5 3 hl $229
Babolat Pure Aero
The 2019 Pure Aero is here
More Spin, More Fight
Rafael Nadal
one of the
world's best ever
Carlos Alcaraz
US Open Winner
Danielle Collins
World #7
Jack Sock
Upcoming American

Pure Aero
100 11.2 4 hl $239 The Pure Aero has been used by Rafael Nadal to win umpteen titles.

The latest 2019 versions.  Upgraded to produce even more serious spin by use of innovative vibration adsorbing material and stiffer / stronger yoke material and other subtle changes
  • Pure Aero Regular - used by Nadal and Wozniacki..  For wide range of players from 3.5 Intermediates to world class pros.  Heavier for solid control but head light for excellent maneuverability.  Also used by Dominic Theim and Bryan Brohers

  • Pure Aero Team - lighter than the regular.  Good power and maneuverability.

  • Pure Aero Lite - the lightest and most powerful version.  Very popular.  Head heavy for good ball follow through and power.

  • Pure Aero Plus - 1/2 inch longer version of the regular Pure Drive.  This is still the 2016 model

  • Pure Aero Tour - heaviest member of the line.  For aggressive players with more stability and control

Pure Aero Team
100 10.6 4 hl $219

Pure Aero Lite
100 10.1 even $219

Pure Aero Plus
100 11.3 6 hl $239

Pure Aero Tour
100 11.9 5 hl $249