Head Graphene Extreme 360P Tour Tennis Racquet
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The Graphene 360 Extreme Tour replaces the popular Head Extreme Pro model. The Tour is an impressive racquet with control and stability for the advanced and expert player With it's higher weight and swingweight it can handle the heavy shop with ease.  If you can create the power, this is a devastaing and highly controllable racquet.

The 360 Plus technology provides the comfort, control and crispness that Graphene 360 is known for.  It is combined with a special fiber wrap (Spiral Fiber) in the throat area of the racquet to give controlled and buttery smooth flex.

Overall this racquet has a speedy feel for fast andresponsive shots.  The higher head speen promots more spin.  It's mobility makes it a true net weapon.
As you would expect from Head, the new Extreme has many subtle features for enhanced play.  These include specially spaced cross strings to focus control in the sweet spot; wider grommets for a larger sweet spot; and changes to the racquet head shape and beam. While for the same type of player as prior Extreme Pro models, the new Extreme gives a more comfortable yet crisp feel, larger sweet sport, and enhanced control with noticably more spin.
Head Size: 98 sq inch
Weight: 11.4 oz strung
Balance: 6 Head Light
Pattern: 16x19
Length: 27 inches
Swing Weight: 318
Flex: 65
Beam: 22/23/21 mm
Cover: No


Head Graphene Extreme 360P Tour - click for larger
Head Graphene Extreme 360P Tour
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