Head Radical MP 2021 (Graphene 360+) Tennis Racquet
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The new Radical MP for 2021-23 is an impressive update to the very popular Radical line with Head's 360+ technology for super control and a smooth yet crisp feel.  For Strong Intermediate and Advanced players.  This is a solid racquet with spin, plow through, and decent power. In summary: all court playability.

The Radical MP is a little stiffer and a little lighter than some top player racquets making it a faster swinging and more forgiving choice.  It is terrific for the strong and fast intermediate player who is moving up. 

It features Graphene 360+ Technology which positions Graphene around the head to provide great stability and torsional rigidity for greater control while Spiral Fibre Technology gives a very comfortable and low vibration feel.  The result is high maneuverability, great stability, and comfort.  This permits high swing speeds, harder shots, and lets you put plenty of spin on your shots.

The Head Radical line is a classic.  Andy Murray used it to win Wimbledon, Slaone Stevens the US Open, and Agassi to win umpteen titles.  The Graphene 360 Radical comes in Pro, MP, and S versions as listed on other pages on this web site.
Head Size: 98 sq inch
Weight: 11.2 oz strung
Balance: 4 points Head Light
Pattern: 16x19 (tighter in center)
Length: 27 inches
Swing Weight: 325
Flex: 68
Beam: 20 / 23 / 21 mm
Cover: No


Endorsed By
Slaon Stevens
US Open Winner
Diego Schwartzman
Argentine Phenom
Head Radical MP 2021 (Graphene 360+) - click for larger
Head Radical MP 2021 (Graphene 360+)
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