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Head Racquets

All these racquets are truly excellent.
We don't sell racquets that don't play well.
We try very hard to have accurate descriptions

Head New Special Price Racquets
New Head MicroGel Radical Midplus

Advanced level racquet with Head's MicroGel Technology.  Also Excellent starter racquet for the highly athletic.
Grips: 4-1/8 to 4-5/8 - Stocked item

Special Price $89.95.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
New Head Ti.S6
World's Best Selling Racquet Ever

Very light, maneuverable, comfortable sweet spot.  For players with a more compact stroke.
A nice starter racquet for average players.
Grips: 4-1/8 thru 4-5/8.  Stocked item

Special Price $79.95 Strung with cover
** Free USA Shipping **
New Graphene Touch  Prestige Tour
For advanced players.  slightly larger head and a bit more power than other racquets in the Prestige line
Grips: one in 4-1/2

Special Price $74.95.  Unstrung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
New Graphene 360 Speed Lite
A lighter version of the popular 360 Speed for intermediate to starting players looking for a modern racquet to learn and advance with
Grips: two in 4-3/8

Special Price $94.95.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
Head Used and Demo Racquets
Graphene 360  Instinct S - Excellent
An excellent all court racquet for intermediate players.
Grips: one in 4-3/8

Special Price $89.95.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
MXG 3 - Almost Perfect
Power under control.  This intermediate/advanced oriented version packs a punch and has pinpoint accuracy.
Grips: one in 4-1/4

Special Price $74.95.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***