Head Auxetic Technology
An auxetic material gets thicker when it is stretched.  For example: normally a string gets thinner when stretched; but if the string is made of an auxetic material it gets thicker when stretched.  The best example of use is in body armor which is flexible to wear but on impact instantly and dramatically stiffens.

A material can get it's auxetic property at the microscopic level - the atoms in the material slide over one another to spread out the material when stretched.  Or the material can get it's auxetic property in a quite visible manner - the notches in running shoe soles are designed to let the soles expand as you step on them to provide more cushioning.  The new Head racquets with Auxetic incorporate carbon fiber and fiberglass materials in an Auxetic construction within the yoke.

The yoke provides a lot of the comfort and feel in a modern racquet.  If the yoke is soft and flexible the racquet plays soft but has less control on hard shots.  By using auxetic construction in the yoke there is a comfortable, sublime feel for normal play; but when you unload a hard shot the yoke stiffens to give great control.

Auxetic dramatically enhances the feel of the racquet creating a smooth crisp response on every shot REGARDLESS of where on the strings you hit the ball.
Head Graphene 360 + Spiral Fiber Technology

Graphene 360+ uses Graphene 360 Technology (see below) to provide crisp, controlled yet softer feel.

It also uses new Spiral Fiber technology which has twisted fibers at 5 and 7 o'clock  in the shoulder area to permit greater flex and a cleaner impact feeling.

The result is a buttery smooth and controlled feel which players love.

Head Graphene 360 Technology

Graphene 360 combines Graphene Touch Technology (please see below) with additional Graphene in the shaft and at 3, 12, 9 o'clock around the head.  All who use the new Graphene 360 racquets agree that this technology is a nice improvement.

The additional Graphene in the shaft provides greater torsional stability (less subtle frame twist) so you get more control.

The additional Graphene in the racquet head gives less frame flex so you get more power.

The Graphene is only at certain critical spots in the racquet, so the racquet still has the flex for feel of a players oriented racquet.
Head Graphene Touch Technology

  • Graphene XT, world's strongest and lightest material. (Please see below.)  Stabilizes the Yoke area of the racquet for a crisp and precise hit.

  • The addition of Kraibon,  a specially developed visco-elastic polymer, gives improved shock absorption and exceptional touch WITHOUT compromising the performance of Graphene XT.

  • Kraibon is developed by the Kraiburg Company in Germany.  See www.kraibon.com


Head Graphene XT Technology

Head re-engineered the application of Graphene, the world's strongest and lightest material, to make Graphene XT racquets 30% stronger than first generation Graphene.  This provides an optimized weight distribution for a faster swing and more power

Head Graphene Technology

A single two dimensional matrix of carbon items. 200 times stronger than steel

Worlds strongest and lightest material
  • Discovered in 1962 and the basis for the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, Graphene is the ultimate material for construction of tennis racquets.  See WikiPedia.

  • The weight of the shaft, the middle part of the racquet, can be reduced.

  • Weight is shifted to the tip and grip - areas which are more relevant to play.

  • This provides unmatched maneuverability and increased swing weight.

  • In other words, Graphene makes the racquet easier to swing, easier to move into position, and enables more powerful shots.

  • Opponents will run for cover.


Head MicroGel Technology

Rock Solid Feel and Touch:

With the lowest density of any material, HEAD MicroGel™ is a revolutionary new silicone-based material. HEAD has combined MicroGel ™ with stiff and strong carbon composite fibers to create a racquet with incredible responsive qualities. On ball impact, MicroGel™ uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame to provide the most rock-solid feel and superior touch ever achieved in the game.

What Happens During Ball Impact:
MicroGel™ deforms and compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame, then returns quickly to its original shape.
Head Titanium Technology
Head is one of the first companies to integrate lightweight titanium into the racquet frame.  The result has transformed the tennis world with a light weight, stable, powerful, and comfortable racquet.

The Ti.S6 is the world's best selling racquet ever and is for beginners and easy swinging intermediates.  The Ti.S5 is excellent for the more solid intermediate player. And the Ti.S2 is amazingly popular for developing players.