Head Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus
Tennis Racket
only $89.95

The Fantastic new
Graphene / youTek technology

  • Excellent
  • One in 4-3/8
  • Strung (Head Touch / Velocity Hybrid)
  • Vibration Dampener
  • No Cover
  • Free Shipping

The new Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus is an update of the famous Prestige MidPlus series with Graphene for a crisper feel and noticeably more stability. This is a solid playing, 12 ounce, 18x20 pattern racquet for the hard hitting advanced player. It is solid from the back court and with the Graphene stability is very tight and controllable at the net.

Features Dynamic String Pattern with dense pattern in the center for solid control and open pattern at the edges for a lively string bed and less shock with edge hits.

This racquet was a second shop demo. It is in excellent and overall looks new and shiny. There are minor brush like scratches around the tip from normal use and the plastic bumper guard is scuffed The string is recent Head Hawk on the mains and Head Velocity on the crosses at 53. The grip is an almost new Hydrosorb Pro with just a little fraying on the end.

Head Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus only $89.95

Head Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus - click for larger
Head Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus
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Specifications Graphene XT Prestige MidPlus
  • Head Size: 98 sq inch
  • Weight: 12 oz strung
  • Balance: 7 points Head Light
  • Pattern: 18x20 (tighter in center)
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Swing Weight: 319
  • Flex: 64
  • Beam: 21 mm

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