Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro
Tennis Racket
only $89.95

The Fantastic new
Graphene / youTek technology

  • Perfect
  • One in 4-3/8
  • Strung (Head Velocity)
  • Vibration Dampener
  • No Cover
  • Free Shipping

The new Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro is a lighter replacement for the famous Prestige Mid. The lighter weight trades mass and plow through for higher mobility and spin to meet the demands of todays game. The smaller 93 head gives a good crisp feel and combined with the stability of Graphene it is truly a weapon for the Advanced player.

Dynamic String Pattern with dense pattern in the center for solid control and open pattern at the edges for a lively string bed and less shock with edge hits.

This racquet was a second shop demo. It is in almost perfect condition. The plastic bumper guard is slightly scuffed. You have to look hard to see any other marks. The grip is new. The strings are fresh Head Velocity.

Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro only $89.95

Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro - click for larger
Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro
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Specifications Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro
  • Head Size: 93 sq inch
  • Weight: 11.1 oz strung
  • Balance: 65
  • Pattern: 16x19 (tighter in center)
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Swing Weight: 326
  • Flex: 60
  • Beam: 20 mm

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