Sony Smart Tennis Sensor
Records the match - lets you see shot info in real time
Racquet and Hardware

Step 1: 2015 Head, Prince, Wilson, Yonex Racquets have special butt caps that take a Sony Sensor Adaptor

Sensor butts caps are available from Wilson or from us.  They will fit most racquets, including Babolat.  In some cases the fit is a little loose and you have to epoxy the butt cap on.
Step 2: Put Adaptor in butt cap

Adaptor for Head is a little different shape.  Adaptor for Prince, Wilson, Yonex is the same.  Sensor comes with one HD1 Head Adaptor, and 1 SO1 other adaptor.  Once you put the adaptor in the racquet it is impossible to remove it

You can have adaptors on all your racquets. Additional adaptors are available from the Sony store
Step 3: Put Adaptor in butt cap

Click Sensor into Adaptor with supplied "wrench".  It just clicks in, but it is tight.  You don't want it to fall off during play.
Step 4: Power On

Left button, power on.  right button - Bluetooth for real time readout.  Or download after session.
Use and Software
Get App:
1 - search app store for "Sony Tennis Sensor"
2 - download and install
3- will have to create login to Sony Entertainment - I find this very annoying.  Afraid I will be besieged with emails.  But you have to do it. Remember to clear boxes saying you want marketing emails
4 - turn on sensor, go to phone settings and turn on bluetooth and connect to Sensor (common problem is to not do this.
5 - select racquet
(sorry I don't have a good way to download screen shots from my iPad to my PC).

Features are very well described by Sony on Youtube

or many other you tube videos

you have to play with it

Warranty Service
The Sensor is a Sony product.  Call 1-888-796-7669 for warranty service