Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet
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The next generation of racquets has arrived.  The Clash is an exceptionally comfortable, controllable, powerful racquet. This Clash 100 is for Intermediate to Advanced players.  The heavier Clash 100 Tour is for more advanced players.  The Clash "works, it's a terrific racquet that wins matches, everyone who tries it agrees and additionally says it is FUN to play with.

The secret to the Clash is that it is very flexible.  Previously, flexible racquets felt mushy and because of the flex they had terrible control.  Using 21st century computer modeled design, the latest materials, and extensive testing, Wilson has created a racquet with both controllable flex and superb control.  See our tech section for details on the Free Flex and Stable Smart technologies.

On the court, the first impression of the Clash is a nice, comfortable, easy swinging racquet.  The high flex and high swing speed are excellent for baseline and mid-court play and for big swing shots like serves and overheads.  You can take good cuts at the ball to generate solid spin.  At the net, it's speed lets you quickly position it; but the low swing weight lacks the net power of heavier racquets.  Interestingly, opponents find the Clash produces solid power and spin shots that run them all over the court with hard to return shots.
Head Size: 100 sq inch
Weight: 11.0 oz strung
Balance: 7 points Head Light
Pattern: 16x19
Length: 27 inches
Swing Weight: 312 strung
Flex: 55
Beam: 24.5 mm
Tension: 48-55 pounds
Cover: No

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Wilson Clash 100
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