Pro Staff V13 - Roger Federer Design
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Roger Federer
Forever #1
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Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph V13
97 12.6 9 hl 334 $279 The Pro Staff Series offers unmatched precision and spin in a flexible modern frame.  Roger Federer himself was involved in the development of this frame
  • Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph V13 - If you can generate the power, this is the ultimate tournament racquet.

  • Pro Staff 97 V13 - Slightly Lighter and more powerful version of the Federer Pro Staff. For Advanced players who want precision and feel.

  • Pro Staff 97L V13 - A lighter more powerful Pro Staff with speed and spin for intermediate players to learn and grow with.

Pro Staff 97 V13
97 11.7 7 hl 311

Pro Staff 97L V13
97 10.8 3 hl 326