Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet
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This 2017 version has a little smaller head than it's predecessor for more control. From the baseline or the net your shot will have a lot of pace.  The Triad Three has exceptional spin control - due to the BLX material and the 16x19 open string pattern.  It has a large sweet spot and we find it comfortable to play with for long matches. For the 3.0 to 4.0 player looking for extra power. Terrific for net play and doubles slice and dice play.

For years engineers have been working to give good comfort and control in a powerful racquet.  The Triad Three has the new soft playing BLX technology which is unique to Wilson racquets.   Then with the very open 16x19 string pattern, you get very good ball bite and spin.  (Click on BLX logo above for technology info.)

In addition the Triad Three has Triad construction; the handle and the head are separated by a thin strip of iso-zorb material which adsorbs a lot of shock and vibration and makes it exceptionally comfortable to play with. See Triad tech info.
Head Size: 113 sq inch
Weight: 9.7 oz strung
Balance: 6 points Head Heavy
Pattern: 16x19
Length: 27.5 inches
Swing Weight: 328
Beam: 26/ 30 /26 mm
Cover: No


Wilson Triad Three - click for larger
Wilson Triad Three
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