Wilson [K] Factor Technology

Wilson's new [K] Factor technology is a total concept in racquet design not one single technology.
[K] Factor provides control
.  [K] Factor is very [K]ool.

Now racquet manufacturers know how to make racquets of any head size and power.  Manufacturers have focused on power; but until now not on control.  Wilson engineers have spent years perfecting technologies to give racquets much better control.  All these technologies are now combined into the [K]Factor concept.

We have hit with the [K]Factor racquets, they work!  Do you want to hit the ball exactly 2.5 inches inside the base line, or is 2.4 better?  [K] Factor can do it!


[K]arophite Black:  The older nCode technology at the molecular level filled silicon dioxide between the carbon fibers of the racquet frame to stiffen and strengthen the fibers.  Karophite Black is a proprietary technology that goes beyond nCode. It is a lattice of tiny fibers that mixed with the silicone dioxide which actually connects and binds the carbon fibers.   This makes the racquet frame about 40% stronger and stiffer than an nCode frame.  The result is a stiffer head for less distortion on hits and better control.  This strength and stability also gives many unique design options for the yoke, handle and other parts of the racquet, this permits some of the other technologies described below.  [K]Arophite Black technology is used in all [K] Factor racquets.

[K]ontour Yoke: The new [K]Arophite Black technology allowed the Wilson engineers to develop a unique yoke design.  "This new frame engineering technology enhances stiffness at key stress points on the racquet for improved torsional stability."  In plain English: when you hit the ball, the shaft and yoke don't twist and flex in weird ways.  Kontour Yoke is used in the K1, K3, K4, and K-Zen.

[K]ompact Center: The Wilson engineers also created a new shape for the yoke area. They used a more compact design to give more feel, improved handling, and maneuverability.  Kompact Center and Kontour Yoke go hand in hand; all the racquets with Kontour Yoke also have Kontour Center.  The K6.1 90 (Federer racquet) also uses it.

[K]onnector: 2 external wings are molded into each side of the hoop and flex when the ball is hit.  This provides increased dwell time for the ball on the string.  This provides greater control, comfort, and a larger sweet spot.  Sort of like the Babolat Woofer system. Used in the K4 Oversize and K1 only.