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Clash 100
100 11.1 7 hl $249 The amazing new flash will change the way you think about racquets.  Extremely flexible for comfort.  Innovative computer-aided frame design for high control and no loss of power.
  • Clash 100 - Speed, Spin, and Feel for Intermediate-Advanced Players.

  • Clash 100 Tour - Controllable power, comfortable play for stronger players.

Clash 100
100 11.5 9 hl $249
New Roger Federer Design Pro Staff
Top ATTACKING racquets from Wilson
Roger Federer
Forever #1
Gregor Dimitrov
World top 30
Alexandr Dolgopolov
World Top 40
Phillpp Kolschreiber
was World top 20
Mardy Fish
was World #7

Pro Staff  RF 97
Federer Autograph
97 12.6 9 hl $269
The Pro Staff series designed by Roger Federer.  Thin beam, head light, high control.  Available in cool 2019 Black-White (Tuxedo) graphics.
  • Pro Staff RF 97 - Fed Autograph - used by Federer
    97 head, 12+ ounces,  head light and maneuverable.  World class precision. Also available in all black graphics.

  • Pro Staff 97 CV - lighter version of the 97 Federer.  Terrific precision and control in a slightly lighter frame.  Now with Countervail for comfortable, low vibration play.  Also available in all black graphics without Countervail for a crisper feel.

  • Pro Staff 97L - a lighter more powerful version of the 97.  And absolutely terrific racquet for intermediates who want to grow into a strong player.

Pro Staff  97
97 11.7 7 hl $239

Pro Staff  97L
97 10.7 5 hl $219

Pro Staff  RF 97
Federer Autograph
97 12.6 9 hl $249

Pro Staff  97
NOT Countervail
97 11.7 7 hl $219
Blade Countervail  -  ATTACKING players
Control Racquet for the modern aggressive game
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
David Goffin
World #11
Milos Raonic
top Canadian
Stefanos Tsitsipas
upcoming star

Blade 98 CV
18x20 & 19x19
98 11.2 3 hl $219

The Blade Series offers tournament winning capability in comfortable, forgiving, modern frames., with a little power. Now for 2017 - much more comfort due to Countervail technology

  • Blade 98S - the same weighting and flex as the popular Blade 98, but with Spin Effect Technology for up to 30% more spin.

  • Blade 98 - more traditional play in 2 string patterns

  • Blade 104  - offers power and spin with a high control flexible frame.  For intermediates through top pros.
Blade 98S CV
98 11.1 4 hl $219
Blade 104 CV
104 10.8 5 hl $199
Ultra Series
All court racquets for Intermediate to Advanced players
Feliciano Lopez
2107 London Winner
Gail Monfils
Dynamic French Player

Ultra 100
100 11.2 4 hl $219

The Ultra Series are maneuverable, crisp playing all court racquets. These are Wilson's latest intermediate to advanced player frames.  Solid feel and comfort; an excellent series of racquets.

  • Ultra 100 CV - excellent all court racquet.  Now with Countervail for extra comfort and smoothness

  • Ultra Tour  - For the advanced player.  Thinner beam, more control, tight string pattern

  • Ultra 105S - an intermediate player swing machine with Countervail for extra smoothness and finesse

  • Ultra 110 - solid control for shorter swing players
Ultra Tour 97 11.4 6 hl $249
Ultra 105S
105 11.4 6 hl $219
Ultra 110 110 10.1 even $199
Triad for Intermediate players

103 9.9 6 hh $199 Power, Exceptional Comfort (Triad system), Control. Forgiving.  Famous Wilson "5" and "3" series with BLX technology.

The Five Series is terrific for up to high level intermediate play.

The Three Series offers extra power with comfort and control.  Excellent for older players at all levels with a more compact stroke.  Interestingly, The Three is used by many 75+ world class men's doubles players.

113 9.7 6 hh $199

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Wilson Special Price Racquets
New Wilson Hammer 5.3 OS

One of worlds most popular racquets.  For intermediate players.  Hammer weighting gives stability and heft to shots.  Great for players to learn with
Grips: 4-1/8 to 4-3/8 - Stocked Item

Special Price $74.95.  Strung
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