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Clash 100
100 11.1 7 hl $249 The amazing new Wilson Clash will change the way you think about racquets.  Extremely flexible for comfort.  Innovative computer-aided frame design for high control and no loss of power.
  • Clash 100 - Speed, Spin, and Feel for Intermediate-Advanced Players.

  • Clash 100 Pro (Previously Clash 100 Tour) - Controllable power, comfortable play for stronger players.

  • Clash 98 - slightly smaller head.  Similar to, but more solid feel than the Clash 100 Pro

  • Clash 108 - one of the most terrific comfortable and controllable large head racquets

  • Clash 100L - comfortable, powerful, latest technology for intermediate players

Clash 100
Pro / Tour
100 11.5 9 hl $249

Clash 98

98 11.5 9 hl $249

Clash 108
108 10.4 even $229

Clash 100L (Lite)
100 10.3 6 hl $229
Pro Staff - Roger Federer Design
Top ATTACKING racquets from Wilson
Sold Out - New Version Coming in a few months
Blade v7  -  ATTACKING players
Control Racquet for the modern aggressive game
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
David Goffin
World #11
Milos Raonic
top Canadian
Stefanos Tsitsipas
upcoming star

Blade 98 v7
18x20 & 16x19
98 11.4 4 hl $219

The Blade Series offers tournament winning capability in comfortable, forgiving, modern frames.  Now for 2019 lower flex with high control and responsiveness due to Stable Smart Technology.  Overall a nice improvement from the prior model.

  • Blade 98 - more traditional play in 2 string patterns

  • Blade 104 - offers power and spin with a high control flexible frame.  For intermediates through top pros

  • Blade 100L - A lighter more powerful Blade for intermediate players to learn and grow with

Blade 104 v7
104 10.8 6 hl $199
Blade 100L v7
100 10.6 1 hl $199
Ultra v3 - All Court Racquets
Intermediate-Advanced and down to Begining players
Kei Nishikori
World Top 10
Gail Monfils
Dynamic French Player
Madison Keys
World Top 10

Ultra 100
100 11.2 4 hl $199

The Ultra v3 racquets are stable and comfortable with easy access to power.  They are for players with a more classic horizontal swing.  They have a host of subtle shape improvements developed using the latest computer design and 3D modeling algorithms

  • Ultra 100 v3 - excellent all court racquet.  Crisp and lively with controllable power.

  • Ultra 100L v3  - Power and stability for the improving and intermediate player.  Endorsed by several WTA pros.

  • Ultra 100UL v3 - lightest ultra, controllable power for the developing player.

  • Ultra 108 v3 - large head power for the intermediate doubles player

Not yet available in USA - Ultra v3 Tour and Pro
Ultra 100L v3
100 10.4 4 hl $189
Ultra 100UL v3
Ultra Lite
100 9.6 3 hl $179
Ultra 108 v3
108 9.4 1 hl $189

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