Yonex EZone 108 Tennis Racquet
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The EZone 108 provides power, comfort, and spin in a lightweight 108 head racquet.  Excellent for doubles and also for intermediates with a compact stroke.  This racquet really provides excellent touch and control and is equal or superior to any large head racquet on the market. It provides amazing power and is great for net blocking doubles.

New in this model are many tecnhical features:
  • M40X - high strength, high elastic graphite in throat. Improves frame stability, flex, and vibration
  • Isometric Expansion - Wider frame at 3 and 9 o'clock; creates largest ever EZone sweet spot
  • VDM - Vibration Dampening Mesh in handle for comfort to filtr unwanted vibration
  • Aero Shape Frame - Varying the outer angle of the frame gives less air resistance for a faster swing and more spin and power
Head Size: 108 sq inch
Strung Weight: 9.6 oz, 272 gram
Unstrung Weight: 9.0 oz, 255 gram
Balance: 1 points Head Light
Pattern: 16x18
Length: 27.25 inches
Swing Weight: 305
Flex: 68
Beam: 26 / 29 / 24 mm
Cover: No


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Yonex EZone 108
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