Yonex EZone 100+ (300g)
Tennis Racket
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Belinda Bencic
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Terrific Players racquet

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  • Strung (Wilson Sensation Plus)
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The EZone 100+ (300g) is an stable, comfortable, relatively powerful, spin friendly, all court racquet for the advanced or strong intermediate player.  Spin, precision, comfort - the EZone 100+ is the latest generation of an excellent Yonex Classic.  This is the Plus model which is 1/2 inch longer for greater head speed for more power and more spin.  Used by several top pros, the EZone 100 is a terrific choice for the intended player looking for a more flexible "players" racquet

New in this model are many tecnhical features:

M40X - high strength, high elastic graphite in throat. Improves frame stability, flex, and vibration
Isometric Expansion - Wider frame at 3 and 9 o'clock; creates largest ever EZone sweet spot
VDM - Vibration Dampening Mesh in handle for comfort to filtr unwanted vibration
Aero Shape Frame - Varying the outer angle of the frame gives less air resitance for a faster swing and more spin and power

This is a short use customer return in almost perfect condition.  There are a few scuffs on the plastic bumper guard.  There is one small cosmetic chip which you can just make out in the big picture at 2 o'clock on the frame.  The grip is wrapped in blue Yonex overgrip and is perfect.  The strings have some ball hair in them and are like new.  Comes with full factory warranty.

Yonex EZone 100+ (300g) only $189.95

Yonex EZone 100+ (300g) - click for larger
Yonex EZone 100+ (300g)
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Specifications EZone 100+ (300g)
  • Head Size: 100 sq inch
  • Strung Weight: 11.1 oz, 316 gram
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.7 oz, 300 gram
  • Balance: 3 points Head Light
  • Pattern: 16x19
  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Swing Weight: 325
  • Flex: 69
  • Beam: 23.5 / 26 / 22 mm

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