Yonex Isometric Head
The Essence of Yonex

Yonex isometric head is a more square shape so all the main strings are about the same length.  This increases the sweet spot.  This gives more power, comfort, and control.  This is what gives Yonex racquets their great playability and unique feel
Yonex CS NanoTube

Neo Carbon CS Nanotube imbedded in the shaft of produces greater flexibility to hold the ball on the strings longer allowing players to generate greater levels of spin for aggressive bounce and precise control.
Yonex Vibration Dampening Mesh

First used in Yonex snowboards to reduce vibrations at impact, Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) is also used in Yonex racquets.  VDM is a stretchy mesh material that is wrapped around the graphite inside the grip to filter unwanted vibrations and improve touch and precision.
Yonex MicroCore

An exclusive technological breakthrough in tennis racquet performance, MICRO CORE is a revolutionary new material whose high urethane properties are positioned at 2 and 10 o'clock within the racquet head to increase stability and allow players to apply devastating levels of spin to their shots.
Yonex 3D Vector

Deeper grooves in the 3D VECTOR shaft improve racquet stiffness and reduce twisting of the frame, increasing face stability by 20% when compared to conventional racquets.
  • Attack with sudden changes of direction during a rally
  • Attack with extreme topspin to unsettle your opponent
  • Attack with depth and power to drive your opponent back