Racquet head
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Stan Wawrinka
3 Grand Slam Titles
Was World #3
Leyton Hewitt
Aussie Icon
Angilique Kerber
3 Grand Slam Titles
Former World #1
Lloyd Harris
Rising South
African Star

VCore Pro 97
97 12.3 7 hL $239
VCore Pro (2019-2021)
Player Performance Racquet

For all-court players in a range of models for world class pros to intermediate players
  • Pro 97 330g - endorsed by Stan Wawrinka.  World class racquet for players who generate their own power.

  • Pro 97 HD 320g - 18x20 (high density) string pattern in a more flexible frame.  Rave reviews from advanced players.  Excellent touch, maneuverability, precision.

  • Pro 97 310g - a little more power than the 330g.  For advanced players.

  • Pro 100 300g - Feel of the players racquet with a bigger head.  Endorsed by Anglique Kerber.  For intermediate and advanced players

  • Pro 100 280g - A terrific racquet for developing players with the potential to use a spin oriented, flexible racquet.
VCore Pro 97
HD 320g
97 11.9 7 hL $229
VCore Pro 97
97 11.5 7 hL $239
VCore Pro 100
97 11.2 4 hL
VCore Pro 100
97 10.4 Even
Naomi Osaka
2019 World #1
Was World #3
Nick Kyrgios
Aussie Player
Coco Vandeweghe
American Player
Grand Slam Title
Belinda Bencic
Swiss Star
World #7

EZone 98
98 11.3 6 hL $229
EZone 2020
Where Comfort Meets Power

For all-court players in a range of models for pros to developing players.  6th generation EZone - largest sweet spot in the series - greatest comfort with no loss of precision.
  • EZone 98 305g - Endorsed by Nick Kyrgios and Naomi Osaka.  Comfortable, speedy modern racquet for spin and precision.  a lighter, spin friendly player's racquet

  • EZone 100 300g - A little more power and a little stiffer than the 98/305g.  Endorsed by Belinda Bencic.  Lively, spin friendly, for intermediate and advanced players.

  • EZone 100L 285g - Lighter and more powerful EZone for intermediate and developing players.

  • EZone 105 270g - Easy swinging, larger head racquet for power and control. Great for doubles and net play.

EZone 100
100 11.2 4 hL $229

EZone 100L
100 10.6 3 hL $229

EZone 105
105 10.0 1 hL $209

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