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All these racquets are truly excellent.
We don't sell racquets that don't play well.
We try very hard to have accurate descriptions

Starter / Intermediate Racquets
New Head Ti.S6
World's Best Selling Racquet Ever

Very light, maneuverable, comfortable sweet spot.  For players with a more compact stroke.
A nice starter racquet for average players.
Grips: 4-1/8 thru 4-5/8.  Stocked item

Special Price $79.95 Strung with cover
** Free USA Shipping **

Advanced Racquets
New Head MicroGel Radical Midplus

Advanced level racquet with Head's MicroGel Technology.  Also Excellent starter racquet for the highly athletic.
Grips: 4-1/8 to 4-5/8 - Stocked item

Special Price $89.95.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
New Graphene 360 Radical Pro
For very strong intermediate and advanced players.  An excellent and popular all court racquet.
Grips: one in 4-3/8

Special Price $129.00.  Strung
*** Free USA Shipping ***
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